I have a pretty lousy cholesterol profile, and a family history of heart disease (all on my mother's side: my grandmother died of a heart attack in her 60's, one of my uncles had a nearly fatal heart attack in his 40's, and my mom came within minutes or hours of a heart attack at 59 and ended up having quad bypass surgery). So, kinda bad. Something's gotta be done.

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The interesting thing here is not so much that this guy predicted the current crisis (although he was right on the money), but how the cable talking heads basically laughed him out of the room. I especially liked Ben Stein urging viewers to BUY, BUY, BUY back when the Dow was at 13,079.

(from NPR's Planet Money)


Today is the first day in a very long time that I can say that I'm proud to be an American not despite all the idiotic things we have done, but instead because of the great thing we did tonight.


I got out of all long positions in stocks and bonds (not as soon as I should have). Everything is in municipal money markets (yielding equivalent of 6% pre-tax right now) and FDIC-insured interest checking (3.4%) and CDs (3.7%) at night so I can sleep.

During the day, small plays in ETFs like QID (2x short NASDAQ) and QLD (2x long NASDAQ) to ride the volatility.

All new 401(k) contributions are going into long stock index funds (75% domestic, 25% international).

Hold on tight everyone!


I think it's like they say about child birth... you forget how painful it is, so that you're ready to do it again in a few years.


What we did last weekend:

Ok, those are actually the Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani, but you get the idea. book_fairy and I went to Breitenbush Hot Springs with many alumni and teachers from her massage school. There was much relaxing, reading, hiking, playing board games, and nudie soaking in the hot springs. I also had my first-ever chiropractic adjustment (which I'm not sold on, BTW) and Watsu aquatic massage.

Plus, the all-vegetarian meals were surprisingly yummy.

California Dreamin'

I've been obsessed the last few days planning a two-week road trip to California in June (the Z4's last hurrah before it gets sold). I could play around in MapPoint all day long (and more or less did this weekend) trying to design an optimal path through the state that maximizes all the things we want to see.

Anyone have suggestions for (non-obvious) must-see sights, or their favorite places to stay?